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Pollyanna Kay y was born on September 19. She is just so beautiful and healthy and we couldn’t feel more blessed. We thank you so much for your prayers for our family! And we will be getting back to work in a soon!

September 4,2020
We are currently still shut down due to the coronavirus. My wife is due to have our baby girl any day now and we are trying to be super cautious as we are almost there! This baby is a miracle we have been waiting 14 years for and Callie has also been dealing with gestational diabetes which puts her a little more at risk for the virus if we understand correctly. Just want to apologize to all of customers and explain our situation and why we are being so extra careful. We cannot wait to get back to work and are thinking within the next 3 weeks we should be able to start up again. We really appreciate your patience and support for our family and business during this time. We are so blessed to know you and your pets! God bless!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our website! Please feel free to give us a call with any questions (832)207-6181

New Services!

We are adding on some new services here at All Dogs Go To Denver!! We now have top of the line perfumes, flea treatments, hair dye, teeth cleaning, nail painting, and our most popular item feather extensions!! See below under services for pricing!

My name is Denver and I am the groomer at All Dogs Go To Denver where we provide quality grooming for dogs and cats at your door step.  I am an experienced, certified groomer and will come to your house in a customized truck equipped to fill all of your pet's needs including: a generator for power, fresh (not recycled) heated water, air conditioning and heat, a ramp for larger dogs, stainless steel tables, clean tools, and fresh towels. No cages or kennels!! All you have to do is hand us your pet and we will have them all clean and back inside in about an hour! We never leave your driveway! The best part is your pet doesn't have the stress of being around other pets or being stuck in a cage all day and you never have to leave the house! 

Our services include:
1. The "Clean up"-  Bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning (we pull the hair out and clean with solution), trim pads, sanitary cut, and cologne.
2. Hair Cuts-  Styles of all kinds, furminator (deshedding)

The "Clean Up" + Hair Cut = A Full Groom 
** Free cologne or perfume for every pet that **
we groom!!

3.  Extras-  Poodle feet $20, teeth brushing $10, nail painting $20 (we have pink, purple, gold, and blue), anal gland expression $20, dye $20-$40 (we currently have pink and purple and are taking requests for more colors), feather extensions $10, flea dip $20. All of our products are ordered from Pet Edge and are dog friendly!
   Feel free to call and get an estimated price for your pet to get groomed. All pricing depends on size and condition of dog.  Please be sure to notify us of any moles or medical issues.  Feel free to call or fill out the following information to set up an appointment today!
Denver and Callie
(832) 207- 6181
We are open:
We are in The Woodlands and Spring on Thursdays and Huffman on Tuesdays!

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**First time customers recieve a free teeth cleaning!  Current customer please send me a before and after picture of your pet or a testimonial to and recieve $5 off your next groom!**

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