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Denver and Callie


Feel free to fill out the following information with any questions or feedback and we will be sure to get back to you promptly.

If you would like to set up a grooming appointment please be sure to fill out all of the contact information and a desired date and time in the comment box. 

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This is a rough estimate on what pricing will be like. Feel free to give me a call and we can talk more about it (832)207-6181

Dog Grooming Prices

For Full Groom: Includes bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, sanitary cut, shave pads, cologne and hair cuts of all kinds

Small Dog (15lbs or less)    $60-$70

Medium Dog (15-40 lbs)      $70-$85

Large Dog (40-80lbs)          $80-$110

X Large Dog (80+ lbs)        $110-$150

Full scissor cuts or fluff cuts are extra

* Full groom prices depend on breed specifications*

Cat Grooming Prices

Bath, Blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning    $60-$100

Bath, Blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning with a summer cut or lion cut                         $90-$110

Lion cut or summer cut without bath                     $70-$80

Note: Additional charges may apply at the groomer's discretion if your pet requires extra time because of extreme matting


Nail Trim: $5 for small 

              $10 for medium

              $15 for large

Flea Dip: $10 for small 

             $15 for medium

             $20 for large

Anal Gland Expression:  $20 

Poodle Feet: $20

Teeth Brushing with Pro Dental Tooth Paste for Pets: $10

Feather Extensions: $10

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